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Introducing Dawn&Dusk's Orange Python leather laptop sleeve—a captivating fusion of serpentine allure, style, and safeguarding.

• Brownish orange color
• 13-inch & 15-15.6 inch MacBook Pros (and similar laptops)
• Ethically sourced leather
• Shipped all over US

Step into a world of serpentine elegance with our Orange Python laptop sleeve. Expertly crafted, the texture seamlessly replicates the intricate patterns of a python's skin. Every glance at your laptop nestled within the sleeve invokes the mystique of the natural world. Ethical practices lie at the heart of Dawn&Dusk. Our Orange Python sleeve is an homage to the python's allure, without causing harm. We've meticulously studied their textures to recreate their essence, respecting these remarkable creatures in the process. The textured surface invites your fingers to explore, much like tracing the path of a winding serpent. The rich brownish orange color adds a layer of sophistication, reminiscent of the hues found in nature's hidden corners.

Leather is a natural material which means it comes with it's own beautiful perfect imperfections. No two pieces would be similar.

Size Guide

Our sleeves are designed to accommodate MacBooks & similar laptops in two screen sizes—13 inches and 15 inches:

Size of the 13 inch sleeve: 14,4 inches x 9.6 inches. Suitable for 13-14 inch screen laptops.

Size of the 15 inch sleeve: 15.7 inch x 10.6 inches. Suitable for 15-15.6 inch screen laptops.

If you have a different laptop, just reach out to us so we can see if yours would fit snugly.


If our laptop sleeve is not quite right for you, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. It must be returned in a perfect condition.

Special printing technique. No exotic animals harmed.

Discover the elegance of our laptop's outer leather shell, meticulously crafted to replicate the unique pattern of crocodile skin using our proprietary printing technique. No harm to any exotic animals involved.

100% leather outside. Microfiber lining inside.

Indulge in the ultimate combination of style and comfort with our products featuring 100% leather exteriors and microfiber interiors.

Built to last generations. Designed to be timeless.

Experience the timeless beauty of our meticulously crafted products, built to withstand the test of time. Designed to be cherished for generations to come.

What our customers love about us

"Love the quality, feels very luxurious. Got in touch with the seller to see if it would fit my HP laptop and got a very swift response. They have paid attention to a lot of details, from packaging to using the byproducts of the material to make a cutesy wallet. This could easily be from a high end fancy brand. So happy with it!"

Bought Crocodile Black

"Quality and character is exactly as described and it stunning! I was worried that it would be too tight for my 15" laptop but it is perfect and provides enough space. Highly recommend!"

Bought Slide-in Red

"Have always seen handbags made out of these, so grabbed one when I saw that these guys are offering one for laptops. Fits the laptop quite snuggly.

Fast shipping!"

Bought Orange Python

"Love this new ruby red case! Thanks so much for the cute little wallet add-on as well. Happy that the delivery was fast."

Bought Crocodile Red

"This sleeve is amazing! Great customer service from the seller and came super fast! My laptop will be protected for years to come!"

Bought Bordeaux Red

Because the things you use every day should be the most beautiful things you own.