A tale of two cultures, two cities & two people

Miriam and I found each other in Berlin. We moved here to understand ourselves a little better, to be free and to soak in the energy of this city. A designer who loves to tinker with new things and a product manager that loves bringing order to those things, it just clicked for us.

As we shared the books that we read, the music that we listened to and made a home for us, our tastes overlapped. Whenever we'd see something beautiful, our hearts would just leap towards it. And we think that people can always feel the love another person pours into the things they make. If you are surrounded by beautiful things, you can't help but think that life is beautiful too.

We want to take that belief and put it into the things that we enjoy making. So hopefully, you can feel some of that beauty and care as well.

All of the things that we make for you are made with the help of my father in his birth city of Lahore. The city dates back to the mughal era and is almost like a secret door to the past.

We are excited for you to become a part of this story and to share this journey with you.

- Haris

  • After a swim in Lombok, Indonesia. The birth of an idea.

  • This past Christmas. Rejoicing at the feedback from our customers.

  • Designed in Berlin.

  • Made in Lahore.